Scotch-guarding – Why not protect it?

Why buy an oriental rug?
March 15, 2017


Your rug is the most important part of your room, the center piece, the thing that ties it all together. So why not protect it?

We all want to protect whats most important to us. That’s why we have air bags in our cars and insurance on our houses. It’s why we put that precious piece of jewelry in a safety deposit box at the bank. And while we can’t completely prevent disasters, we can certainly be prepared when they happen. That’s why we Scotchgard our rugs.

Scotchgard acts as an invisible layer of protection, a shield against dirt and dust and liquids, to block stains and preserve the rug’s beauty. It’s using new-world technology to maintain your rug’s old-world elegance.

We love to show off our homes. Imagine having a house warming party, or inviting some friends over for dinner the weekend you get your new rug. There’s good conversation and the wine is flowing and in the middle of it all someone drops their glass. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a nightmare scenario, not if you had your rug treated with Scotchgard. Instead of seeping into the fabric and creating a permanent stain or at the least a stain so bad you have to have the rug professionally cleaned, Scotchgard repels that glass of Cabernet, the liquid beads up on the surface of the rug and you simply blot the wine out with a little water and a towel. That’s the wonder of Scotchgard.

We can’t promise a world free of spills or that dirt will never be tracked across your rug, but we can promise that with our Scotchgard treatment, when this does happen it will be easier to clean and the chances of a stain will be greatly reduced.

And for rugs with high traffic, Scotchgard can make a big difference, too. It attaches to the individual fibers to reduce matting and keeps the rug looking new longer. The runner in the hallway or the rug in the foyer is a perfect example. Scotchgard technology helps the rug maintain its composure under pressure and protects it from everyday wear and tear.

Another great thing about Scotchgard is that it’s free of toxins and it’s odorless. It’s safe for your family and your pets. And unlike some other treatments, Scotchgard will not change the feel of your rug or alter the texture in any way.

At Nilipour Oriental Rugs we value the care and the attention to detail that goes into every hand-made rug we sell. It sets us apart from our competition. And we put that same care into cleaning your rug. With Scotchgard protection, you can preserve the fresh, clean, brand new look of your rug, whether you just purchased it or had it recently cleaned, for as long as possible.

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