Why Are Oriental Rugs Made in the Far East?

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October 13, 2017
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Why Are Oriental Rugs Made in the Far East?

Oriental rugs are aptly named. They originated in the Ancient Orient and even today are still made in the same countries that once made up that great region. Countries such as Morocco, China, India, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan still make up the lion’s share of the rug and carpet production trade, despite the technological advances in manufacturing of the West.

But why?

In short, geography.

The terrain of the far east provides everything that the ancient, and now modern, rug makers needed to craft exquisite oriental rugs and carpets.

To make a fine oriental rug or carpet you first need fine wool. The pastoral nomads of ancient times perfected the art of raising sheep in the vast pasturelands of the plains and and mountains. This  lead to a largely “sheep-based” economy which meant ample wool was available for the long winter months when the tribes chose to settle before moving on in the warmer months. Rug making likely grew out of an abundance of time and raw materials.

But the region was not populated by just pastoral nomads. In fact, if it was, rug making would likely never have been born in the region. In order to make a fine rug or carpet, you need other materials that can only be cultivated in an agrarian setting supported by towns and cities. These areas produced the cotton that provides the foundation for fine oriental carpets as well as the dyes, technological advancements and other finished and raw materials necessary for the rug industry to evolve and grow over time.

So, geography led to the unique set of circumstances that allowed the best rugmakers in the world to create and perfect their craft. First there were the nomads and their sheep roaming the plains and mountains of the Far East. Then, there were towns and cities that generated the raw materials and technology necessary to transform that wool into fine Oriental rugs and carpets. It was the perfect synergistic relationship.

And the world is a better, more beautiful place because of it.

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