Pets, odors and enzymes

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March 31, 2017
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April 22, 2017

Pets, odors and enzymes

We love our pets. We also love our hand-made, hand-knotted rugs. But all the love in the world, and all the house-training, can’t keep our pets from having the occasional “accident” inside. So what do we do when this happens? First, we address the issue as quickly as possible with a little warm water and a cotton towel and we remember to blot the area instead of rubbing it. But sometimes this is not enough; the stain might be gone but the odor remains.

It’s important for us to resist the urge to try and scrub away the stains and odors from our rugs. Everyday carpet cleaners and heavy scrubbing can damage our hand-woven rug’s fibers. We might think we’re getting rid of a smell or a stain but in reality we are damaging the rug even more.

This is where Nilipour Oriental Rugs can help. We have a special enzyme treatment that targets the odor by breaking down the specific acids contained in pet urine and eating away the bacteria that causes the smell. Immeasurable amounts of care went into making your rug and we deliver the same amount of care and attention when we clean it.

Enzymes are different from your normal cleaners or deodorizers. Enzymes are proteins that, when applied to certain stains, actually cause a chemical reaction and act as a neutralizer. The good news is that the enzymes themselves are non-toxic. So, after your rug has been treated, it is perfectly safe for your pets and your children.

We know pets are not the only culprit when it comes to stains and odors. We have all spilled food on our rugs, or the occasional cup of coffee or glass of wine. If the rug is in a high traffic area, odors may result from the sweat from our feet or the dirt and grime we track in from outside. There are different enzymes for almost every type of odor. Some enzymes target fat-based stains resulting from products like cooking oil, some target starch-based stains like gravy and others target protein-based stains that come from blood, mucus or grass.

Enzymes are a powerful tool when it comes to restoring your rug’s beauty. At Nilipour Oriental Rugs we have trained specialists who can help determine exactly what type of cleaning and treatment your rug needs. We know how much your rug means to you and we want to help you keep it looking, and smelling, great.


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